Community Grants

Program Updates: 

Beginning October 1st, community grants cycles will be run on a monthly basis, starting on the first of the month and ending on the last day of the month. We are working on updating our grant application to reflect these changes.

If you would like to apply now, before our updated application is made available, please fill out this application and disregard the dates. We look forward to reviewing your application. You can see other organizations we’ve supported by visiting our Community Impact page.

If you need information on our grants program, please email our Grants Coordinator at:


grant application Guidelines

*Due to the volume of grant applications received, applications must be postmarked during the open dates for the grant cycle in order to be considered. Applications postmarked after that time will be considered at the end of the next cycle. Thank you for your understanding.

We will enthusiastically consider grant requests for:

  1. Organizations that develop and foster a spirit of community.

  2. Programs and enrichment activities within the Fort Bliss and Greater-El Paso communities as well as National Military Organizations that have a charitable or educational impact.

We cannot fund grant requests for: 

  1. Request for funding of an organization's own scholarships, grants or any type of third-party distribution of funds.

  2. Requests for funding of anything that might be considered a gift from your organization to an individual/third party.

  3. Requests to fund an organizations fundraising costs.

  4. For educators: Non-curriculum/school club-based requests (this does not include activities such as JROTC, athletics, NHS, etc.).

  5. Requests for funding for individuals. (Checks will only be written out to an organization, not to individuals.)

  6. Requests for organizations that are outside of our local community. Local community is dictated by our mission statement. Local community DOES include our New Mexico friends.

  7. Requests without itemized cost breakdowns, quotes, past cost examples, etc. If this cannot be provided, applicants must thoroughly explain why.

  8. Requests to pay any part of organizational salaries/wages.

  9. Requests to fund the purchase of alcohol.

  10. Requests that cannot be legally made by an organization.

  11. Requests for funds that will not be used for the intended purpose within 30 days of being awarded the grant funds.